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The Fabric dedicated to premium brands

Softissimo upholstery fabrics are latest generation fabrics, combining the aesthetics and comfort of a natural fiber with the robustness and durability of a synthetic fiber, all with excellent value for money.Softissimo upholstery fabrics have introduced new performance standards for home and office furniture meeting the high performance demands sought by professionals and home users alike.


Softissimo fabrics

are high-end products with multiple uses, aimed at interior designers, furniture manufacturers and the end consumer



  • Resistance to daily use.
  • Fireproof treatment (optional).
  • ANTI-UV RAYS treatment, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Anti-Pilling for a stable and durable look.


  • Made from yarn dyed, colors won't fade and stay bright and shiny.


  • Stain resistant and easy to clean: Coffee, tea...
  • Resists all odors, a very popular property for stuffing: cigarettes, body odors...
  • Insensitive to rot or mold.
  • Dimensional stability of fabrics after wet or dry washing


  • Anti-stain (Thread treatment).
  • Easy to clean with normal detergent and water or by wet vacuuming
  • Quick dry


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